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AARP Fixed Index Annuity Article Rebuttal

At Retirement Think Tank, we believe that education is key to making the best retirement planning decisions, so we are happy to see that an article just got published on Annuity123 giving a very detailed rebuttal to an article published on AARP that was overly negative towards fixed index annuities. In this AARP Fixed Index  Click to Continue


Why Portfolio Diversification is Essential to Long Term Investment Safety

As you’ve surely heard, portfolio diversification is very an important strategy for achieving long term investment safety. To help illustrate exactly why, we wanted to point you towards the article linked below which gives a unique and very simple example on how diversification can protect your expected downside risk while keeping your expected return relatively  Click to Continue


Top 7 Retirement Planning Risks Many People Overlook

There are 7 retirement planning risks that many people (including some financial advisors) either forget or dismiss. However, they certainly need to be assessed and considered when you’re formulating your retirement plan. The video below digs into each of the following top retirement planning risks: Longevity Risk Frailty Risk Forced Retirement Risk Loss of Spouse  Click to Continue


File and Suspend Technique for Social Security Benefits

File and Suspend Technique for Social Security Benefits For married couples, the file and suspend technique for maximizing social security benefits may help you get more overall benefits. It is best suited for married couples in which one spouse is entitled to minimal social security on their own (most often due to staying home to  Click to Continue


What is Term Life Insurance?

What is Term Life Insurance? Term life insurance can provide you with coverage for a specified period of time (the stated “term” in the policy). With this type of insurance, the owner’s beneficiary or beneficiaries will receive the stated amount of insurance in the event he or she passes away during the term period. However,  Click to Continue


How to Supplement Social Security Income

Over the past ten years, especially given the volatile market and increased life expectancy, the number one fear of retirees and pre-retiree is that of outliving their money – even more so than the fear of death. Today, the recent economic crisis has shown that simply accumulating an ample amount of savings for the future  Click to Continue


Can Social Security Benefits Get Seized by Collectors

If you’re receiving social security benefits, the law is on your side to prevent seizure from collectors. This applies to social security benefits, veterans benefits, supplemental security income benefits, and other federal payments as well. Although you’re benefits are protected, there are some things you need to know if this is a concern. Click here  Click to Continue