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How to Receive Social Security Benefits for Children with Cancer?

Parents, do you know how to receive Social Security benefits for children with cancer? September has been proclaimed by the U.S. Congress as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, marked by the thousands of families, survivors and caregivers touched by childhood cancer. Each year 13,000 children under the age of 21 are diagnosed with cancer. Families touched  Click to Continue


Seven Reasons to Love Annuities

Baby Boomers rule! Their numbers are large and their money is substantial. They may list “having good health” as their # 1 retirement concern, but it is closely followed by # 2, “being financially secure”. Secure, safe, protected. This group longs for guarantees. Guarantees that will change the annuity industry forever. According to Stan Haithcock,  Click to Continue


How to Invest in Stocks?

We may want to swim like Phelps, shoot hoops like Jordon, play tennis like one of the Williams sisters, but we want to invest in stocks like Warren Buffett. Over the years, Billionaire Warren Buffett has been generous with his investment wisdom. Buffett built his fortune using simple, useable principles like these. “Circle of Competence”  Click to Continue


Who Can Contribute to IRAs, Traditional and Roth?

Who can contribute to IRAs, traditional and Roth? You or your spouse, if you file a joint return and if you have taxable compensation. Taxable compensation would include wages, salaries, commissions and self-employment income, alimony and nontaxable combat pay. It does not include earnings and profits from property, interest and dividend income or pension or annuity  Click to Continue