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How Does Divorce after 50 Affect Retirement?

Divorce at any age causes a ripple effect. Family, friends and finances are certainly affected, but divorce near retirement comes with distinctive financial consequences. Today, one out of four divorces is a couple over age 50. These couples usually have more assets, more retirement accounts, more estate planning issues, possibly more debt. What they have  Click to Continue


How to Find a Caregiver?

I’m a 60-something year old card carrying member of two generations. I belong to the Boomer Generation because of my birth year and the Sandwich Generation because I care for an aging parent while supporting my own child. I know that I’m not alone in this endeavor, because according to the Pew Research Center, 1  Click to Continue


The Truth About Permanent Life Insurance

Over the years, the life insurance industry has grown significantly. With that growth has come the emergence of numerous types of life insurance policies. Some policies are used for pure insurance purposes – often on a temporary basis – while others are intended to be kept throughout an insured’s lifetime. There are two primary classes  Click to Continue


Social Security Snafus

Were you aware that there are over 8,000 ways a married couple can file for social security benefits? It can be a challenge to understand because it is complicated. Sixty percent of American households rely on social security for more than 3/4ths of their income. The goal, no matter what your retirement income is, would  Click to Continue


What is a Special Needs Trust?

Fourteen years ago when my husband and I were updating our will, we created a Special Needs Trust for our physically impaired son, Daniel who has cerebral palsy. Daniel, our third son, is presently 29 years old and a joy to all who know him. We consulted an estate planning attorney who not only offered  Click to Continue