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Want to Retire Quicker? Then Hang Out in TSA Security Lines…

There’s a good chance, especially if you carry change in your pockets, that you’re unintentionally leaving a cash tip for the Transportation Security Administration at the airport. Inadvertently leaving your change may not sound like a huge deal until you consider this 2013 report from the TSA. Travelers in their rush to get through security  Click to Continue


The Exposed Failure of the 401(k) System

Were you aware that the median 401(k) account in America is a pitiful $18,433? (according to the recent 401(k) report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute) Yep, about 40% of employees in America have less than 10,000 in their 401(k) today… And no, it isn’t because 40% of Americans have pensions… They simply just don’t  Click to Continue


Pros and Cons of Over-Funding Life Insurance

Just like all important financial decisions, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision. This premise holds true when deciding if you should proceed with over-funding life insurance for your particular needs. Overall, this concept involves the leveraging of small insurance premiums to produce a tax-advantaged death benefit that is  Click to Continue


Financial Resolutions for 2015

Do you know what the top five New Year’s resolutions are? Lose Weight Volunteer Quit Smoking Get a Better Education Get a Better Job Number six is Save Money. Taking these actions will pay dividends and benefit your financial resolutions for 2015. Get clear goals and budget accordingly. Set specific, measurable and achievable goals and create  Click to Continue


Ten Best Places to Retire Overseas

Dreaming of retiring overseas? That’s right, say goodbye to the 9-5 job, sell your possessions and immerse yourself in a new culture and language.  Check out these retirement havens. They are the top ten best places to retire overseas in 2014. Algarve, Portugal – Atlantic coastal region, safe, beautiful beaches, medieval towns, great weather, low  Click to Continue


Social Security ‘Do-Over” Option

Many of my contemporaries are turning 62 this year and not surprisingly some filed straightaway for Social Security benefits. Their reasons varied. One felt like there would soon be no money to collect, so she should take it while the taking is good. Another very well-to-do friend, who will not have to worry about retirement  Click to Continue