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Archive | October, 2012

Simple Rules to an Effective Social Media Presence

We see it everyday, practically every business advertisement has some reference to a social media site, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn…. the names go on and on. The use of Social media has become one of the most powerful ways to increase exposure and generate interest in whatever it is you may be pitching. Following these tips  Click to Continue


5 Scary things for the future of life insurance

According to Brian Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Life Insurance Selling magazine, there are 5 things that are scary about the future of life insurance. 1) Consumers believe that life insurance is too expensive and think that it costs 3 times more than the actual cost. 2) With the Government desperate to generate more revenue from tax  Click to Continue


401k and IRA Changes coming in 2013

Participants in 401k, 403b and Thrift Savings Plans can now contribute $17,500 per year, up from $17k Participants in IRAs can now contribute $5,500, up from $5,000 in 2012 New 401k fee information – Participants will now get quarterly and annual statements with fees disclosed Roth IRA contributions – the Modified Adjusted Gross income phase out range  Click to Continue


Here is what to do when you are one year from retirement

As your retirement date fast approaches and you have just 12 months left to get all the pieces in place, there some key items to wrap up your retirement plan. Be sure to begin practicing your new budget, plan your sources for income strategically, and be ready to take action when it comes to healthcare.  Click to Continue


Defeat the threat of inflation in retirement

According to a survey conducted by the Society of Actuaries, retirees named inflation as the primary risk to retirement. If inflation is constant at 2% annually then in 20 years spending power has decreased by a third and with many retirees needing more like 30-40 years of retirement income this is scary concept. The key  Click to Continue


Got 2013 Business Plan milked or Spooked?

The discipline in Business Planning which should be well underway by now can be best understood by  Coach Vince Lombardi who made even the toughest of Green Bay Linemen snarl when he said “sit down”. One player said he did not even bother to look for a chair when Coach Lombardi told the team to  Click to Continue