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Variable Annuity Sales Fall

According to an article on, variable annuity sales fell the most in 12 quarters.  MetLife and other carriers scaled back their sales due to the low interest rate environment as well as stock market volatility.  Because variable annuities offer guarantees while at the same time allowing the client to invest in the equities, they  Click to Continue


Guaranteed income will lead annuity industry in 2013

According to Doug Dubitsky, vice president of product management and development for Guardian Life Insurance, “There’s no greater time to be offering guaranteed income products.”  As 10,000 baby boomers reach the age of 65 every day in the US, who have less access to traditional sources for retirement like pensions, annuities are a great avenue  Click to Continue


Why People Need a Financial Planner

As in any industry or service oriented business, there are always good, bad, and excellent salespeople and associates.  Unfortunately, in many cases, a few bad salesmen give the entire trade a bad name (think used car salesman).  Well the financial services industry is no different.  Horrible people such as Bernie Madoff and Mr. Allen Stanford  Click to Continue


Mr. Positive Passes

It was befitting that sales guru Zig Ziglar lived to see another Thanksgiving. Rarely, if ever,  has our profession seen such a positive generous giver whose impact will live on to future generations of salespeople, parents and families. My favorite memories still live on in his hundreds of memorable quotes such as:     1.  Click to Continue


12 Days of Christmas

Trying to come up with that perfect gift for that special someone? PNC Wealth Management of Pittsburgh has released what their annual review of what the 12 Days of Christmas gifts would cost you in 2012.  Inflation of gold prices and the 2011 drought caused bird costs to soar.  Geese and swans went up almost  Click to Continue


Nationwide Hacked

Atlanta – Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens issued the following statement 11/19/2012 concerning the unauthorized access of Nationwide Insurance‘s website:     Nationwide Insurance Company notified my office that a portion of their computer network was criminally attacked by individuals who gained unauthorized access to personal and private information of approximately 28,467 Georgia members and/or potential  Click to Continue