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Archive | November 6, 2012

Life Insurance Think Tank Goes Live!

After Retirement Think Tank‘s wildly successful ability to attract both financial financial advisors and consumers to the site for unbiased annuity education, annuity research, and innovative annuity solutions, many people said we should do the same thing on the life insurance side.  We agreed, and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate name than Life  Click to Continue


West Virginia Insurance CE Requirements

Every state requires some sort of Continuing Education (CE) credits that each producer has to complete to keep his/her life insurance license in good standing. See below for what the West Virginia Insurance Department requires.   24 CE hours, including 3 hours of ethics, are required every 2 year license term. (see license term below).   Producers  Click to Continue


Immediate Annuities May Benefit from Name Change

Financing retirement through annuities is the only way to guarantee income that will last through your lifetime. If they are so beneficial, why aren’t they more popular? Mary Beth Franklin of Investment News says that the simplest of annuity products, immediate annuities, may benefit from a name change. In her article, “Annuities suffer from a  Click to Continue


Important Steps to Take in the Year Before Retirement

I found a great series of articles about retirement that I’ll be sharing one by one. CNN Money, the collaboration of Money magazine, Fortune, and CNN gives tips on what you should be doing to prepare for retirement at certain year marks before it hits. In “One year from retirement? Prepare to make the break,”  Click to Continue


The Pension Ponzi Unravels as low rates Linger

A man tells his workmate excitedly: ‘I’ve just won the jackpot in the Zimbabwe lottery. They tell me that  if I hurry, I’ll have enough money to buy next week’s ticket”.  This continues to be the siren song for many of America’s pensioners who are being offered enticing lump sum buyback offers. This will continue  Click to Continue


The Truth about the Current Tax System

Earlier in the year before the country knew Romney was going to be the Republican candidate, there were a couple of different presidential prospects touting their ideas on ways to change the tax code.  There were advocates for both the fair tax and the flat tax plan.  Those underground political outcasts who have been preaching  Click to Continue


Post Election Investing Outlook

There appears to be a perception in markets that once this week’s key political events in the U.S. and China are over, uncertainty will be lifted and investors can get back to the ‘risk on’ trading environment that has prevailed in recent months. Don’t bet on it, strategists say.   They point to factors such  Click to Continue