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Archive | December, 2012

FIUL Power Phrases for Your Certain 2013 Sales Success

Fixed Indexed Universal Life (FIUL) has been one of the fastest growing products in 2012 and shows no signs of letting up in 2013 as savers and investors increasingly look at Life Insurance as a separate asset class in a zero rate world and where tax rates are cratering at their last gasp of all  Click to Continue


FMOS Morphing out of the Bricks and Mortar into Digital Dynamos

In the 1980s, the career agency system began imploding as regional offices were shut down and larger metro offices consolidated as agency contract were sliced, diced and changed. A lot has been said in these blogs among the continued advance into an abyss for FMOs for many of the same reasons that the Schwab’s, TD  Click to Continue


Does Charity begin at Home as Fiscal Cliff approaches?

As Washington headed home for the Eggnog and Cookies ignoring Fiscal Cliff Concerns, the mea culpa is being diagnosed and figured into disgusted public opinion tracking polls across the fruited plain. Santa Claus is still popular. I really like Santa Claus. After all the Madoff experiences of the last few years, it’s really nice to  Click to Continue


Checking Your Social Security Statements

You will want to know about all aspects of your retirement finances, but your first step should be obtaining your Social Security statement. This document is similar to your 401(k) statement, in that it lists the current status of your personal Social Security account. Unlike your 401(k) statement, however, Your Social Security Statement is not  Click to Continue


Three 2013 Resolutions that you can Prosper By

  The cartoonists, pundits, and fate followers will be poking their usual fun at the tradition of making New New year resolutions this weekend on Meet the Depressed and saucy tabloids. Despite all the ribbing, I have found they are quite useful in establishing a foundation of visions, dreams and goals for the year ahead  Click to Continue


Going Digital

Is your practice in a position to be successful as we move into the digital age of marketing?  The days of phone books and newspapers are all but over and the days of digital marketing have arrived.   How do the majority of people find answers to questions they don’t know?  In the good old  Click to Continue


Key Dates for Retirees in 2013

There are deadlines to meet in order to receive tax breaks for saving for retirement.  There are also some key dates that retirees must be aware of in order to avert unnecessary tax penalty.   Below are some key dates upcoming for retirees:   The due date for contributions to 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s, and federal Thrift  Click to Continue


Marriage Penalty Could Be Back in 2013

a result of the Bush tax cuts, married couples get a standard deduction that’s exactly twice that of individuals. And the income ranges for the 10% and 15% tax brackets are also doubled.Prior to 2001, many married couples had paid a “penalty” because their standard deduction and income tax brackets were less than twice those  Click to Continue


Roth IRA’s to the Rescue

Many people are postponing their year end financial decisions until Washington decides what to do with expiring tax measures, including those affecting dividends and capital gains.   The Roth IRA is partly a play on income-tax rates – you make contributions to a Roth with after-tax money and then don’t owe income tax again. If  Click to Continue