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Archive | December 6, 2012

Return OF Principal, not ON Principal?

With financial crisis of 2008 still fresh in consumers’ minds, retirees are looking to make sure they have protection of their principle as much as they do yield on their principal.   An online survey of more than 3,400 adults age 55 and older found that 80% are seeking a safer and more predictable road  Click to Continue


Annuities Within 401K’s

Hartford, CT based United Technologies has completely revamped their 401K program to ensure their employees have income for life. In a bold move, UT has encorporated the use of annuities within their retirement plans. But the difference between United Technologies’ lifetime income strategy and more traditional 401(k) investment options is that about midcareer, the worker’s  Click to Continue


Medicare and The Fiscal Cliff

Thanks to bad timing, the Medicare fees that doctors are paid for treating seniors has gotten tangled up in the same high-stakes deal-making to avert the fiscal cliff — across the board tax hikes and spending cuts that kick in January. If Congress does nothing, doctors will be reimbursed 27% less than current rates, starting  Click to Continue