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Archive | January 8, 2013

Break Even Social Security

In some respects, the math is simple: Social Security calculates your benefit so that, whether you start collecting early or late, you will – at least in theory, based on life expectancy – receive about the same total payout over your lifetime. (The Social Security Administration itself can help walk you through possible scenarios with  Click to Continue


Do seniors find technology useful? If so, do advisors?

In a recent article by Daniel Williams, editor-in-Chief of  Senior Market Advisor magazine, Williams asked seniors for their feedback on the usefulness of technology.  One contribution is from Garry in Dallas, who thinks the “old fashioned way” about technology and goes on to say it has no correlation with his relationship with his financial advisor.  Although many  Click to Continue


Private Equity Firms Growing in Fixed Annuity Market

Not only has Guggenheim taken over Sun Life Financial’s variable annuity business, they are also a hot player in the indexed annuity market as well. Their Security Benefit Life Insurance Co. has entered the list of the top 5 fixed annuity players with third quarter fixed annuity sales of $1.03 billion. This information comes from  Click to Continue