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Archive | January 24, 2013

GAO Recommends Annuities?

The Government Accounting Office (GAO) recently published a report about ensuring income through retirement.  The highlights from the report are not very surprising given the issues of our national debt and social security program.  The financial experts from the GAO recommend holding at least a portion of your nest egg in an annuity and deferring  Click to Continue


5 Retirement Pitfalls

Here are some the most common mistakes for retirement planning for people of ALL ages. 1. Start saving too late. Young people should start saving now.  Even if you wait till your mid-30s, you might not have enough to retire at 65. The younger you start saving, the more time you have to watch your  Click to Continue


Can I use an Annuity as Collateral on a Loan?

Every now and then, I am asked if a certain annuity carrier will allow for their annuities to be used as collateral for a loan.  The answer is yes, quite a few of them do.  To list a few: American Equity, Fidelity and Guarantee, Lincoln, Genworth and Great American will all allow for it.    Click to Continue


7 New Social Security Rules for 2013

The Social Security Administration has implemented a variety of new rules and features for 2013. The two-year payroll tax cut has officially ended, and paper Social Security checks will soon cease to be printed. A growing number of Social Security services will also be online this year. Here’s a look at some of the recent  Click to Continue


Exclusive Retirement White Paper

Retirement Think Tank just released an exclusive white paper to their subscribers titled, “Retirement Secrets of the Richest, Most Conservative, and Happiest Investors in America”.  The 5 page report reveals some shocking truths about some of the richest and happiest investors in America, including where they have their money right now and why.  The report  Click to Continue