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Archive | January 27, 2013

The Digital Client Experience Maximized

They say that computers can never completely replace humans. They may become capable of artificial intelligence, but they many never master real stupidity. An adviser must recognize that a client’s onboarding experience can affect how willing they are to do repeat business and make valuable referrals.  The faster and smoother an onboarding is done, the  Click to Continue


Indexed Annuity Reset Unplugged-Making the Intangible Tangible

You know the greatest storyteller in history was a carpenter. Jesus told stories in parables so people could understand the complex.  So it is with one of the fastest growing products, fixed indexed annuities in this Age of Safety or New Normal as some analysts would call it. I never forget why the good Lord  Click to Continue


Why Most FMOs are Standard and Poorer

The 5 myths of  FMO  value adds certainly has been exposed by on Producers Web and in these blogs. After having spent, 20 of my 33 years on the investment side, I continue to be amazed at how FMO consultants use a one- dimensional head fake to try and help advisors capture maximum index returns  Click to Continue


Is an Indexed Annuity an Investment Plan?

This was the same question that the Illinois Securities Department answered recently.  They were considering whether or not indexed annuities should be subject to state security laws.   Around a month ago, the department issued a no-action statement to Fidelity & Guaranty Life about this issue.  What is a no-action statement?   It is basically a  Click to Continue


Annuities offer LTC protection

Although we remain in a low interest rate environment, annuities can still serve your clients’ financial needs.  When we think of retirement and investments, we commonly think in terms of accumulation.  With the current state of interest rates, some may disregard fixed annuities as an integral part of their retirement portfolio.   However, just as  Click to Continue


Allianz and Golf

Allianz again is sponsoring the Allianz Championship down in Boca Raton, Florida.  The event is taking place at the Old Course at Broken Sound.  This year Allianz will donate $100 for every birdie that Tom Lehman, who they sponsor, makes during the event.  Proceeds benefit Alzheimers and Junior Achievement.  It’s good to see Allianz giving back to  Click to Continue


Looking for Job? You might want to move to Texas.

The state of Texas currently holds 5 of the top 10 spots for job seekers according to NerdWallet.  They base there research on overall business growth, unemployment numbers, median income of residents and cost of living.  Austin, Tx took the top spot with Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Fort Worth all in the top 10.  Click to Continue


Using Annuities For LTC Protection?

Annuities have always been looked at and used as a safe place for your money, and/or creating an income stream.  So why is it that so many annuities out there are offering LTC benefits for clients as well?  According to the National Clearinghouse for Long-Term Care Insurance, at least 70 percent of people over the  Click to Continue