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Annuities may become harder to sell in Florida

Karen DeMasters at Financial Advisor Magazine informs us that Advisors in Florida may see more difficult changes in their future in regards to Annuities.           Florida already has some of the strictest suitability standards in the nation for annuity sales to senior citizens. Now the Florida Legislature is considering a bill  Click to Continue


78% of NFL Football Players File For Bankruptcy Within 5 Years

From Fame to Shame in 5 years!  What a sad and scary statistic for America’s professional athletes.  As you will see below, this issue stems throughout all professional sports and lists the biggest pitfalls as overspending, small window of big earnings, not understanding finances (or how to actually save money), poor investment choices, and entrusting  Click to Continue


401K Loans Detrimental To Retirement

By Business Insider   it turns out one in four workers resorts to taking out 401(k) loans each year, according to a new report by HelloWallet — to the tune of $70 billion, nationally. To put that in perspective, consider how much workers contribute to retirement plans on average: $175 billion per year. That means  Click to Continue


Annuity Sales declined 8% in 2012

Annuity sales declined 8% in 2012 according to Limra.  Total annuity sales were $52.6 billion in the fourth quarter and $219.4 billion for 2012.  Although it does look like this is a downward trend, there are a few reasons why the annuity market will rebound.  Income annuities hit a record high in 2012, eclipsing the  Click to Continue


IRA Contributions

It’s almost March, and you’ve realized you haven’t made your IRA contribution; is it too late?  The answer is no.  The IRS allows you to contribute for the previous year, up until the normal federal tax deadline.  This deadline usually falls on April 15th.  For Traditional IRA Contributions for 2012, if you are under the  Click to Continue