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Archive | February 4, 2013

Retirement Income Planning Specialist Orlando

Regardless of the direction the stock market and interest rates take in the future, it’s important to have an advisor you can count on to give you the news straight and look after your best interests. That advisor is Matt Chancey, Certified Financial Planner and registered investment advisor in Orlando, FL.   Matt is also  Click to Continue


Thinking About Delaying Retirement?

Think the solution to your retirement savings problem is to just work longer? Most Americans do, and it is one way to go. But what if you lose your job close to retirement, or are injured? Andrea Coombes from MarketWatch says you need a back-up plan to help ease the transition.   I have written  Click to Continue


Weiss Ratings Upgrades 12 Life Insurance Companies

Weiss Ratings, one of the nation’s leading independent providers of bank, credit union, and insurance company ratings, recently upgraded the financial strength of 12 life and annuity insurance companies.  At the same time, they downgraded the ratings of 10 insurance companies.  The changes were based on an analysis of each company’s third quarter 2012 results.  Click to Continue


10 Secrets That 401(k) Plans Do NOT Want You To Know

If you have read the book, “Savior Retirement“, then you have already been warned of the major flaws that 401(k) plans have in regards to retirement income.  Americans have been fooled into believing that 401(k)’s will be sufficient enough to last them through retirement, and unfortunately the first wave of 401(k) owners hitting retirement are  Click to Continue


Digital Marketing & The Advisor

The days of the Newsletter, Mailer, and Newspaper Ad are passing by us.  They are becoming irrelevant and reducing in response rate.  Consumers are not opening their mail often, but they are checking email up to the minute.  The newspaper is also becoming a fading source of information, and migrating primarily onto the internet.    Click to Continue