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Archive | February 6, 2013

Where should I live during my Golden Years?

When trying to decide where to spend your retirement years, did you ever think there were certain states you’d want to avoid?  There was an article on “ titled 10 worst states for retirement”  When deciding where to spend retirement, the article talks about “picking a state where life expectancies run high, crimes rates are  Click to Continue


3 Keys To Managing Retirement Expenses

Track   Tracking your spending is critical if we are going to change our financial choices. Before we can change our choices we need to know what our choices currently are.   Early-in-the-process tracking gives us our starting point. It’s the “You Are Here” arrow on the map. As we move along towards our goals,  Click to Continue


Life Insurance Industry Survival

A recent report by PwC US called, “Life Insurance 2020: Competing for a Future” revealed some interesting themes about what life insurance will look like in the future.  In particular, four risks that the insurance industry must deal with in order to thrive and survive in the future.  As consumers move toward more of a  Click to Continue


American’s on Disability Hits NEW Record… for 192nd Straight Month!!!

According to the Social Security Administration, the number of American receiving disability payments hit a record high of 8,830,026.  This is up from 8,827,795 the month before.  In fact, the last time the amount of citizens receiving disability payments dropped was January of 1997 when the number dropped by 249 people.  What is even more disconcerting is  Click to Continue