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Archive | February 11, 2013

Bond Bubble 2013

Many investors are concerned about the economy, market volatility, and stock market risk.  This is still prevalent after the DJIA and S&P have had solid returns the last couple years.  Many have been encouraged by advisors to turn to bonds as an alternative to Stock and Real Estate bubbles over the last decade.  However, are  Click to Continue


Do Not Run Out Of Your Retirement Money

Piggybacking on a blog I posted yesterday where I discussed the Four Percent Rule for sustainable withdrawals in retirement, I came across this video on WSJ on a similar topic.  In the interview a T. Rowe Price advisor addresses the fear that clients have of running out of money in retirement.   While we all understand  Click to Continue


Charles Schwab Introduces Income Annuities!

For the last 5 decades, baby boomers have created massive shifts in consumption for things related to their overall lifestyle and needs.  Businesses and organizations that cater to these “boomer needs and wants” have (and will continue to) made fortunes having the right product or service at the right time.  From diapers (how do you  Click to Continue


Annuities and Taxes

Wondering how your client’s retirement funds are taxed with Annuities?  Gregory Hamel wrote a simple yet to the point article on how your client’s $$$ are taxed through withdrawals.     Fully Taxable Payments Annuity payments you receive are fully taxable as ordinary income if you use pretax money to buy your plan. For example,  Click to Continue