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Archive | February 18, 2013

Seniors Love Social Media!

It is no surprise to anyone that social media and digital marketing are playing a monumental role in buying habits, education, branding, and consumer spending in all forms of business models both large and small. However, many in the financial services industry still seem suspect that it can’t help their business. We have heard from  Click to Continue


High Caps for Fixed Index Annuities?

One of today’s biggest objections is “caps are too low” with FIAs.  After doing research, we have found that not all carriers are providing these qualities.  Right now there are several carriers offering high caps on a various allocations.  The highest rates we are seeing are: 6.5% Annual Point to Point Cap with 100% Participation  Click to Continue


Consider annuities for your retirement income plan

In a recent article by Denise Appleby, she provides a list of 5 ways to stretch your retirement budget.  The first thing she lists is to evaluate your financial readiness and income needs in retirement to effectively plan.  The number 2 item she lists, is to consider adding annuities to your retirement plan.   For  Click to Continue