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Archive | March 8, 2013

Female Investors Are An Untapped Market

MassMutual’s 2012 research study shows a positive increase in retirement planning for females.  In addition, Boston Consulting Group reports that in the next few years woman will have control of more than 60% of investable assets.  These kinds of reports should inspire financial advisors to really begin seeking more female clients.  The main conclusion of  Click to Continue


Retirement Crisis in the United States

Whether Americans want to admit it or not, there is a retirement crisis taking place now, in the United States.   According to an index compiled by Natixis Global Asset Management, the U.S. ranked 19th in overall retirement security worldwide.  With healthcare costs on the rise, and people living longer than previous generations, retirees are spending  Click to Continue


Your Retirement Will Probably Come Up Short

Ameriprise Financial AMP , the Minneapolis-based financial services giant, doesn’t think so. In fact, Ameriprise says there may be a significant “emotional disconnect” between your retirement goals and retirement reality. The firm based its analysis on its Retirement Check-In Survey of 1,000 U.S. employees ages 50-70. At first blush, Ameriprise says America has a good,  Click to Continue