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Archive | March 9, 2013

Upgrade Your Annuity?

A few years back it seemed that everyone I knew was upgrading their cell phones into new smartphones.  The cell phone industry had never seen anything like it.  This was the same basic product, but with new improved features that for many made the old generation of phones obsolete.  But, I had a problem.  I  Click to Continue


Are Americans Prepared For Retirement?

While the United States remains the world’s largest pension market, it lags behind many less affluent countries when it comes to income and health, this according to an index based on data from several sources including the United Nations and the World Bank.  The U.S. Senate recently reported that the country is facing a deficit  Click to Continue


Don’t Cut Social Security!

With everyone in Washington experiencing sea-bass-induced euphoria, we’re talking again about a “grand bargain” to replace the sequestration and shrink the federal budget deficit. And that means we’re talking about using the chained consumer-price index, a lower and more accurate inflation measure, to modestly raise taxes and   Back in December, I wrote that applying  Click to Continue