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Archive | April 19, 2013

American Family Life transfers VUL’s

Earlier this month, American Family Life Insurance Company agreed to transfer the remaining variable universal life insurance and variable annuities to Kansas City Life.  The transfer comes as no surprise as with the low interest rate environment, and market volatility, many companies seem to be struggling.  American Family Life has actually been out of the  Click to Continue


Net Worth

In a nutshell, net worth is what you get when you subtract liabilities from assets — what you owe from what you own. Like many economic and financial terms, net worth can apply in a variety of situations.  First, grab a sheet of paper and list all your assets. These would include the contents of  Click to Continue


AXA Sells Life and Annuity Portfolio to Protective

Financial giant AXA Financial announced earlier this week that they will be selling a closed book of annuity and life policies from their MONY Life Insurance Company to Protective Life Corporation for $1.06 Billion.  Most of the business was underwritten before 2004, and Protective has already indicated that they will retain all positions associated with  Click to Continue


Prudential Selling Wealth Management Business

Financial giant Prudential made an announcement earlier this week that they are selling off a small part of their business, the wealth management services unit.  Financial services firm Envestnet will be the purchaser of the wealth management business for amounts close to $33 million.  The main reason for Envestnet’s interest in the wealth management business  Click to Continue


How Many Types of Annuities Exist?

Annuities are an insurance product that can be a beneficial addition to your retirement portfolio as long as you understand what they can and cannot accomplish. In the New York Times article Annuities: What You Need to Know by Paul Sullivan he describes them this way.   They work like an old-time corporate pension plan,  Click to Continue


Keeping Retirement Accounts up with Low Interest Rates

For the generation approaching retirement, low interest rates could possibly be a devastating blow to one’s retirement account.  In the past, the common goal was to build a retirement portfolio when coupled with Social Security would provide enough income to last thru retirement.  The drop in interest rates has made that almost impossible for some.  Click to Continue


10 Cheapest U.S. Cities to Live In

According to Kiplinger,  the following 10 cities have the lowest cost of living in America.             Harlingen, TX Memphis, TN McAllen, TX Fayetteville, AR Temple, TX Conway, AR Pueblo, CO Wichita Falls, TX Springfield, IL Winston Salem, NC


American General Announces Launch of AG Choice Index 10 Annuity with AG Lifetime Income Plus

AG Choice Index 10 can help individuals grow their retirement income without the risk of market loss. Contract owners receive a 4% premium enhancement on every premium paid in the first 30 days of the contract, a rate that may be difficult to match in today’s low interest rate environment. Plus, they have the opportunity  Click to Continue