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Archive | May 5, 2013

Aging of GenXers

Met Life conducted a completely depressing study that concludes that the Gen X slackers are now middle aged and saddled with mortgages and kids. Whatever. GfK Custom Research interviewed 1000 people born between 1965 and 1976 for the Met Life Mature Market Institute.  All that former teen-angst made us into overwhelmingly affluent, stable adults who own their  Click to Continue


Best Software for Social Security Income Planning

Investment News has just recently name Social Security Analyzer made by Social Security Solutions, Inc, the best software in Social Security income planning.  The software offers advanced modeling, detailed tax calculations, earnings, mortality map, and access to the Social Security helpdesk for advanced case design and strategic planning.   For professionals who have a need  Click to Continue


Cash Balance Pension Plans

Cash balance pension plans are starting to become a fast growing alternative to 401(k) and traditional defined benefit plans. According to the most recent Cash Balance Research Report from Kravitz, Inc, in 2010, there was a 20% increase in cash balance pension plans with approximately 11 million participants and $724 billion dollars in assets in  Click to Continue


Smart Index Annuity Strategies

Will you get the desired results if you buy a Lamborghini, but park it in the driveway and never drive it?  That is probably not what you had in mind.  However, is that an error on the part of the car?  Or is it an error on the part of the manufacturer, the car salesman,  Click to Continue


Why Do Retirees Love Annuities?

LIMRA, the Life Insurance Management Research Association, is a third party watch-dog of the insurance industry.  They are tasked with researching, assessing, traini9ng, and regulating the insurance industry.  LIMRA is pivotal in molding a vision for the future of the insurance industry.   Recently, LIMRA published a survey on why people really buy annuities.  This  Click to Continue


Build Your Own Pension

Many employer sponsor pensions are going away.  Private employers cannot afford the expense and the increasing liability of people living often twenty years longer than once anticipated.  Add to that the growing concern over inflation and you can see why even government pensions are under a lot of stress.  I ran across this article by  Click to Continue


Your Retirement and… The Los Angeles Lakers?!?

What could your retirement possibly have to do with the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team?  And No, it has nothing to do with not working the rest of the year.  The Lakers face an interesting problem this offseason.  They have one of their premier players, Dwight Howard, entering free agency.  It is understood in basketball  Click to Continue