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Archive | May 13, 2013

Contacting Annuity Prospects Often Enough Without Pestering Them

It can take as many as 10-12 email or phone call contact attempts before you reach a prospect, so how do you continue contacting a prospect without pestering them?  By becoming a content expert or in this case an annuity specialist, you can provide value thus negating the thoughts of being a pest in your  Click to Continue


Income Guaranteed for Life?

In today’s retirement world the old rules of thumb like the 4% rule, where you can withdraw up to 4% of your portfolio as income annually and avoid burning through your assets are out the window.  A recent article picked up by Yahoo Finance highlights this point.  The article talks about how since 2008 the  Click to Continue


Indexed Annuities Are Key to Sustaining a Successful Lifelong Income

Fixed indexed annuities (FIA) are needed in order to sustain income throughout a life span.  For most retirees adding an FIA with the guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit rider is the best way to ensure the success of their retirement income planning.  Research conducted by Security Benefit, a Guggenheim owned insurance company, shows that for retirement  Click to Continue