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Archive | June 2, 2013

Scott Burns Endorsement of Annuities

At Retirement Think Tank, we would like to commend columnist Scott Burns.  Scott has been an outspoken critic of annuities over the years.  He is often introducing good debate and discussion over the place of annuities in a client’s retirement and safe-money portfolio.  And while we don’t always agree with Scott opinion, he has never  Click to Continue


Best “Small Cities” For Retirement

Looking to retire and get away from the big city congestion and high cost of living?  Do you want a small quiet community that’s affordable for a retiree’s income?  But you also want to be close enough to enjoy some of the amenities of urban living?   AARP has a good article on the “10  Click to Continue


7 Blunders of Retirement Planning

USA Today’s Rodney Brooks had a good article on some of the numerous missteps and miscalculations retirees AND advisors face when planning for income needs in retirement years.  Click here for the whole article, but here’s a list of the Top 7 Mistakes:   Are you really going to spend less when you retire? Do  Click to Continue


Risk Free Retirement

In today’s market, the idea of a risk-free retirement may seem like a dream.  With the recent recession and the volatility of the market, how could anyone secure a safe and risk free retirement?   The answer may lie in annuities.  Income for life, long-term care benefits, nursing home benefits, preservation of principal, growth, can  Click to Continue


10 Year Yield is on the Rise, but it will be a Bump Ride

“Yields will go up as the economy recovers,” Stephen Cecchetti, economic adviser and head of the monetary and economic department at the BIS in Basel, Switzerland, told reporters on a conference call on May 31. “The ride to normality will almost surely be bumpy, with yields going through calm and volatile periods.”   The 10 year  Click to Continue


Long-Term Care

Long-term care can be one of the biggest challenges facing retirees and future retirees.  Is it something that can wipe out even the largest retirement portfolios without proper planning.   Annuities can provide not only a way to save for retirement by providing income for life, but they can also provide long-term care benefits.  Annuities  Click to Continue


The Most Tax Friendly States to Retire

When you get ready to retire it’s important that you drop anchor in a state that will help your money last longer and reward you in your golden years.  You probably think the best states would be the ones that have no income tax, but you would be wrong.  Check out the Kiplinger Finance video  Click to Continue