Addressing Liquidity Concerns with Income Annuities

annuity think tankOne of the number one reasons individuals do not purchase income annuities is the concern of liquidity.  A recent study entitled “Features in Income Annuities: Immediate and Deferred Income Annuity Designs”, hopefully puts that concern to rest.  The survey conducted by LIMRA and CANNEX, found that a lot of the income annuities being sold today have increased access to funds.  Some of the additional benefits that can also be added to annuities these days are death benefits, and income options. 


Most insurance carriers are playing in the income space these days.  Providing guarantees, safety, and protection, is something consumers are looking for, with their retirement savings.  Knowing that not only they can generate a guaranteed lifetime income stream, but also have access to their funds should an emergency arise, is something extremely desirable for consumers. 


There are many different income annuities out there, that all have their own unique fits.  It’s important to not only do your research, but to also always consult your local retirement income specialist.

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