Allstate IncomeProtector Annuity

Sounds like Allstate recently came up with an attractive looking deferred income fixed indexed annuity.  The fixed indexed annuity from Allstate, called the IncomeProtector, comes with a bonus and a 7% compound income rider that contractually guarantees that they income account portion will be double the initial premium (assuming no withdrawals, RMD’s, etc).  The payout factor on the back-end remains to be seen by us, but the story sounds pretty good on first glance.


Stay tuned for more and check out the video on the product below.






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  • Attractive? If this is an annuity "Think Tank" and you believe this product is viable then you need to THINK again.
    The front end sales pitch of 7% annual return to DOUBLE your capital investment over a 10 year period is nothing but empty SALES HYPE. Why? I'll tell you. Because regardless of the "Double in Ten Guarantee" what really matters is the annual income payment Allstate gives you. It's pitiful. Even in their example: Age 60, Initial investment $175,000 after 10 years the "Income Base" = $375,000 at age 70 and pays $19,477! That's a TERRIBLE guaranteed Income payment for $371K! And the contract does not even mention Spousal survival terms at that rate, but DOES say no surrender or Death benefit for you or your heirs! If you could walk away with a cash payout of $371k after 10 years? Then sure…but you CANNOT. Only option is crummy "guaranteed Income Payment." Shop around for Immediate IRA Annuity Income product and you'll see…WoW…That is VERY UNATTRACTIVE! It's all dog and pony show leaving you with the dog.

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      As you hopefully know, we don’t sell this product, represent this product (or carrier), and make no monetary gain from this product or carrier. We simply give our two cents on product reviews. These “private pension plan” type of deals are ideal for some, and horrible for others. And by the way, there is a lump sum death benefit with this contract assuming the client didn’t take all of it while they were living.