Being Healthy & Wealthy In Retirement

annuity think tankThe truth is, your life in retirement has little to do with money. Yet, there are things your financial advisor should be helping you plan for that they might not have discussed with you.


Although Jaggar might have had a point, time, isn’t necessarily on your side. You shouldn’t be postponing things that have great value to you in the present. Focus on things that may not cost a lot, but have a great return. There may come a time when the things you want to do may not be feasible any longer.


Your good health is like money in the bank. Outliving your wealth is a great concern to pre-retirees and your financial advisor should be mentioning a healthy life-style and how that can affect your finances during retirement. You want those extra years to be healthy AND wealthy ones.


Your career doesn’t and shouldn’t define who you are. Some retirees have a hard time transitioning to not being a part of the workforce and by 2020; the amount of retirees with drug or alcohol problems is expected to double. Not only is the career change difficult, but also other life altering events happen during retirement like the loss of a spouse, a serious medical issue and just the aging process.  All those things can be unsettling. You should consider a support structure and what kind of environment you will be living in during your retirement should you need some support.

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