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Income Annuity Illustrations Are Showing High Demand in 2014

Cannex USA, which is a leader in compiling annuity data and annuity illustrations tools to the financial services industry, announced that income annuity illustrations have doubled over the past year. During the first quarter of 2014, the annuity database at Cannex received 240,000 illustrations, compared with 118,000 one year ago in 2013 (in regards to  Click to Continue


Using Longevity Annuities in 401ks Just Got a Bit More Enticing

Longevity Annuity, aka deferred income annuity, aka longevity insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance vehicles in the country, and certainly the fastest growing annuity in 2014. And with the latest news today involving the Treasury Department announcement concerning annuities inside of 401(k) plans, these longevity annuities in 401ks are poised to help this  Click to Continue


What is an “ANNUITY HATER”?

So just what is an “Annuity Hater” you ask?  To give you the basic answer, an Annuity Hater is someone (usually a financial advisor) that hates annuities usually because they simply don’t understand them.  More importantly, they usually don’t take the time to understand the different types of annuities, the real pros and cons, and  Click to Continue


How Annuities Can Be Used To Protect The Disabled and Handicapped

Well this one strikes pretty close to home as our youngest brother Daniel was born with cerebral palsy and has been confined to a wheelchair since birth.  In fact, when I first read the great article that is discussed in this video below, I sent it along to my parents as I know they are  Click to Continue


Don’t replace your Annuity until you watch this video!

Annuities have been around for ages (literally), and every 5 years or so, some new annuity feature always seems to be released as carriers find new ways to create benefits and innovate.  With these changes brings on the opportunity to “upgrade your annuity” to have some of the latest in annuity enhancements.  But of course,  Click to Continue


Hybrid Annuity Review

The last twelve months have been a wild one for annuities in general.  Annuities have gained incredible popularity as even many registered financial advisors have finally come to realize that annuities are truly the only retirement vehicle that can contractually guarantee a lifetime income stream.  Moreover, due to all of the demand for annuities, consumers  Click to Continue