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New American Equity Product – Foundation Gold

American Equity has just released a new product available in almost all states.  The product is called the Foundation Gold and it designed to be “10-10 compliant” and “Broker Dealer Friendly.”  The product will replace the Traditions Gold Plus product.   Here are the specs on the new product. 10 year product 7% bonus with  Click to Continue


Best Guaranteed Annuity Rates November 2013

As interest rates slowly creep in a positive direction, albeit with a lot of volatility, we are seeing guaranteed annuities begin to have respectable rates.  Some carriers have any decided to temporarily beef up rates with promotions to gain momentum with their products.  The most popular surrender period for a MYGA, Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity is  Click to Continue


Annexus BalancedChoice Annuity (BCA) Review

The Annexus product line is a little different from most Annuity Products. First off, Annexus is not an insurance carrier, but rather an annuity marketing group that creates proprietary products and then finds an insurance carrier to underwrite those products. Currently, Annexus has just a few product lines that are distributed through their exclusive marketing  Click to Continue


American Equity Bonus Gold Fixed Indexed Annuity Review

Over the last year or so, we have closely followed and watched the numerous annuity reviews that Annuity Gator has released to the public for educational purposes. This week, “The Gator” released a new video on a very popular fixed indexed annuity from American Equity called the “American Equity Bonus Gold”.  Here at Retirement Think  Click to Continue


Rates and Caps are on the Rise

If you are classified as a senior or a baby boomer, then you most likely are familiar with the term annuity.  An annuity is an insurance product that is designed for your “safe money”, money which you can’t afford to lose.  There are four different types of annuities out there; traditional fixed annuities, fixed index  Click to Continue


Safe Money Alternatives

When I talk about the term “safe money”, what I am referring to is simply money you can’t afford to lose.  Depending on your age, your safe money may be a larger or smaller portion of your portfolio.  If you are anything like my parents, the term safe money is talked about, and coming up  Click to Continue