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Is Your Financial Advisor Fake or Legit? [Must See Real Trick Played On Consumers]

Have you seen this new commercial where the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards took a real life DJ with dreads, facial hair, tattoos, painted black fingernails, and countless pieces of jewelry and turned him into a “fake financial advisor” to see what would happen?  Well you will be shocked when you see how easily  Click to Continue


What is an “ANNUITY HATER”?

So just what is an “Annuity Hater” you ask?  To give you the basic answer, an Annuity Hater is someone (usually a financial advisor) that hates annuities usually because they simply don’t understand them.  More importantly, they usually don’t take the time to understand the different types of annuities, the real pros and cons, and  Click to Continue


Do you know why Annuities are Lousy Investments?

Over the last decade of specializing in annuities, we have seen these retirement products compared to all sorts of things.  In particular, annuities seem to always be compared to investments such as stocks, mutual funds, real estate, REITs, and commodities. Do you know why annuities shouldn’t be compared to these type of investments?  More importantly,  Click to Continue


Do You Know The Top Annuity Questions That Consumers Need to Know?

Great video and free report below on the Top 10 questions that consumers that consumers need the answer to about annuities before ever buying one.  Joe Simonds, the original founder of Retirement Think Tank, speaks to the importance of annuity education and how much more powerful the consumer can be when armed with the correct  Click to Continue


How Are Annuity Rates Affected by Bond Interest Rates

This video below is an excellent educational piece on how current and future annuity policyholders are affected by increasing or decreasing interest rates, bond rates, and the Federal Reserve. Find out how fixed indexed annuity caps, participation rates, and current rates are affected by these changes in bond rates.  This video will also teach you  Click to Continue


How do Insurance Carriers Use Options to Price Fixed Indexed Annuities

Here at Retirement Think Tank, we are continually asked how the insurance carriers use options and derivatives to price these fixed indexed annuities.  What we have also found is that the majority of consumers (and even many financial advisors) believe that the carriers just invest all of the premium into the indexes and keep any  Click to Continue


Understanding the Index Strategies in Fixed Indexed Annuities – Video

With the all time low interest rates that we have been living with (although they have been going up quite a bit recently), we continually get questions from our readers about how caps work inside these index annuities.  In particular, many are wondering why they would ever pick a low annual cap when they could  Click to Continue