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Simple Interest vs. Compound Interest

By definition, simple interest is called simple because it ignores the effects of compounding.  With simple interest, the interest is always based on the original principal.  With compound interest; interest accrues on the initial principal and the accumulated interest of that principal.  So in layman’s terms, compound interest is interest on interest.   Let me share  Click to Continue


Solutions for the Retirement Crisis

If you are a baby boomer, then you are no stranger to the term “retirement crisis”.  With healthcare costs on the rise and people living longer than previous generations, retirees are spending more and more money these days.  Now factor in the uncertainty of the Social Security program and the fact that 10,000 boomers turn  Click to Continue


FED to taper QE, what does this mean for retirees and those approaching retirement?

  Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke just recently announced that they Federal Reserve (FED) will taper its quantitative easing (asset purchasing) stimulus program.  This announcement sent the markets into a tailspin, dropping significantly at the end of last week.  With this announcement, the FED said the reasoning is that their signs that economy is strengthening  Click to Continue


Safe Money Alternatives

When I talk about the term “safe money”, what I am referring to is simply money you can’t afford to lose.  Depending on your age, your safe money may be a larger or smaller portion of your portfolio.  If you are anything like my parents, the term safe money is talked about, and coming up  Click to Continue


Different Types of Annnuities

So you are being told by your retirement specialist that an annuity is a great fit for a portion of your safe money.  After talking it over with your family and friends, you learn that they have the exact opposite reaction towards an annuity.  They tell you its a bad decision, and that you’ll never be able  Click to Continue


CDs with Death Benefits?

What is a CD with a Death Benefit you might ask? It sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Does it offer a higher interest rate for the beneficiaries? Does it defer the interest of the CD? How is it better or different than a regular CD?  Well, basically, it’s a normal CD that has the benefit of  Click to Continue


Building Retirement Income for Life

 A recent article from US & World Report discusses the way to plan for income in retirement.  Once you have properly prepared for your retirement, meaning you have evaluated your savings, your expenses, and your needed income you are ready to get your plan on track.  The key is to align your guaranteed income level  Click to Continue


Retiring on CDs is Not Even an Option

With the current low CD rates and the extremely low rates on other savings tools, many retirees could find themselves running out of money before they run out of time.  The fear of running out of money in retirement is the number 1 fear of most retirees.     Recent studies have found that the  Click to Continue