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What Are Annuities?

You’re a first time investor, female, sixty years old. Your financial planner mentions annuities. You’re thinking, “What are annuities”? The homework begins. An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company that requires the insurer to make payments to you. A lump-sum payment or a series of payments. Payments either immediately or in  Click to Continue


What Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Fixed Indexed Annuity?

What should you do before sinking your hard earned money into one of the hottest investments around, fixed indexed annuities (FIAs)? First, get some background information on FIAs by doing some research. You should understand any financial product before plunking a portion of your retirement savings into it. Armed with that knowledge, here are six  Click to Continue


AARP Fixed Index Annuity Article Rebuttal

At Retirement Think Tank, we believe that education is key to making the best retirement planning decisions, so we are happy to see that an article just got published on Annuity123 giving a very detailed rebuttal to an article published on AARP that was overly negative towards fixed index annuities. In this AARP Fixed Index  Click to Continue


What Are Fixed Index Annuities?

Assembling the optimal retirement plan is critical for today’s seniors given that their retirement years will likely be much longer than that of the parents.  Most troubling, is that many of today’s retirees do not have the comfortable pension plans to offset the ever-increasing risk of life longevity (living longer than ones retirement savings can  Click to Continue


Major Annuity Carrier Gets Downgraded

A.M. Best Company, a leading ratings agency in the insurance and annuity marketplace, announced this week that it has downgraded its ratings for The Phoenix Companies, Inc. and its subsidiaries.  Not only did A.M. Best Company downgrade Phoenix on its financial strength rating, but it also lowered the rating for its issuer credit ratings.  Headquartered  Click to Continue


Different Types of Fixed Annuities

Today I would like to briefly touch on the different variations of annuities.  There’s not just one annuity out there, and I feel like they get lumped up together causing confusion and misrepresentation. Fixed Annuity – This type of deferred annuity is similar to a CD.  You know today, exactly what fixed rate of growth  Click to Continue


Solution to a Rising Interest Rate Environment

A year ago when a client or prospect was approached by an advisor to move a portion of their “save money” into an annuity, some common objections were: “rates are too low”, or “why would I lock my money up now “what if interest rates start to rise?”  All are valid points.  And I’m sure  Click to Continue


Caps are Rising!!!

Finally Rates are on the rise!!!  It’s been a tough 2 years with rates on fixed and fixed index annuities being at an all-time low.  With fixed index annuities, you typically are not guaranteed growth because you are participating in stock, bond, or commodity indexes with 100% downside protection from market volatility.  The trade-off for  Click to Continue