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Using Longevity Annuities in 401ks Just Got a Bit More Enticing

Longevity Annuity, aka deferred income annuity, aka longevity insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance vehicles in the country, and certainly the fastest growing annuity in 2014. And with the latest news today involving the Treasury Department announcement concerning annuities inside of 401(k) plans, these longevity annuities in 401ks are poised to help this  Click to Continue


Will retirement stress you out?

Many feel that retirement is a time of stress free living where cares and inhibitions fade.  The truth is there are still many things will or could cause stress in retirement, being prepared will help ensure stress doesn’t throttle your golden years.   Will you have enough money?  Will your health hold up?  Will you  Click to Continue


Income Guaranteed for Life?

In today’s retirement world the old rules of thumb like the 4% rule, where you can withdraw up to 4% of your portfolio as income annually and avoid burning through your assets are out the window.  A recent article picked up by Yahoo Finance highlights this point.  The article talks about how since 2008 the  Click to Continue


Building Retirement Income for Life

 A recent article from US & World Report discusses the way to plan for income in retirement.  Once you have properly prepared for your retirement, meaning you have evaluated your savings, your expenses, and your needed income you are ready to get your plan on track.  The key is to align your guaranteed income level  Click to Continue


5 of the worst things to do with your money

A recent article by Lisa Scherzer, of the Exchange on Yahoo finance, highlights 5 key mistakes to avoid making with your money.  She talks about how these mistakes can be made everywhere along the budget line, at grocery stores, the bank, the housing market, the stock market, even family expenses like allowances for children supplementing  Click to Continue