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Fixed Indexed Annuity Rebuttal – The Can’t Lose “Annuity Trap”

Well it looks like we have a new “Annuity Hater” by the name of Wes Moss, a highly respected financial advisor, author, radio talk show host, and chief investment strategist. And although we personally respect Wes and enjoy reading most of his content, his recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution titled “The Can’t Lose  Click to Continue


The Benefits of Annuities

The tides have changed with Retirement Advisors and their attitudes towards annuities. For years, advisors talked their clients out of annuities because of potential high fees, restrictions on distributions and that they were just too complex for the average person to understand. Now that longevity is a reality for many retirees and they are dangerously  Click to Continue


Retiring on CDs is Not Even an Option

With the current low CD rates and the extremely low rates on other savings tools, many retirees could find themselves running out of money before they run out of time.  The fear of running out of money in retirement is the number 1 fear of most retirees.     Recent studies have found that the  Click to Continue


Are we all Closet Indexers Now?

We are all Keynesians now is a phrase attributed to Richard Nixon as he embarked on a massive increase in public spending prior to being shamed out of office in 1974.  Nixon is more remembered for the travesty of Watergate, ending the Vietnam War, and opening the door to China (which will probably surpass the  Click to Continue


Afraid you will run out of money in your 90’s?

Afraid you will run out of money in your 90’s?   Don’t be, take action now to ensure you will have an income stream you cannot outlive.  By sitting down with a retirement income specialist who can evaluate your retirement needs you will be able to develop a strategy to replace your fears.  Utilizing immediate  Click to Continue


Are Tax Free Bonds Taxable?

They say there is a coffee shop on Wall Street  serving a Stock Market Breakfast-scrambled nest eggs. With millions of aging baby boomers continuing to work past normal retirement age, many clients are wondering if there is anything they can do to reduce income taxes on social security benefits. Annuities are one way to access  Click to Continue