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Which are the Best Retirement Cities?

Deciding where to retire can be daunting to say the least. There are so many cities and so many factors to consider; lifestyle, weather, sales tax, property tax, cost of living, family. Last year, the American Association of Retired Person (AARP) released its list of the 10 best cities that would save retirees money over  Click to Continue


What are 5 Retirement Planning Tips for Singles?

Preparing for retirement solo can be difficult and many Americans will be doing just that for various reasons; divorce, death of a spouse or changing lifestyles. Their situations are varied and their needs tend to be quite different from their married peers. Here are 5 retirement planning tips for singles. Tip #1: You cannot cut  Click to Continue


Why do Baby Boomers Love Fixed Annuities?

Annuity sales are at their highest level in three years and fixed annuities have hit sales numbers not seen in five years. What’s behind this trend? Baby boomers. These near retirees have been wise with their money and are increasingly aware of the need for lifetime income sources. Fixed annuities have healthy interest rates when  Click to Continue


Should a 60 Something Year Old Keep Life Insurance?

Baby Boomers are headed towards retirement. In most cases, our children are grown and the big ticket expenses like college are behind us. We are reevaluating our current financial position and goals. Do we need the added expense of life insurance? Should a 60 something year old keep life insurance? Here are 5 key reasons  Click to Continue


Seven Reasons to Love Annuities

Baby Boomers rule! Their numbers are large and their money is substantial. They may list “having good health” as their # 1 retirement concern, but it is closely followed by # 2, “being financially secure”. Secure, safe, protected. This group longs for guarantees. Guarantees that will change the annuity industry forever. According to Stan Haithcock,  Click to Continue