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Best Retirement Locations

Baby Boomers are ready to retire and many are planning to relocate.  Those searching for the best retirement locations should be considering these factors: Cost of living Taxes Health care Transportation Climate Feeling of Well-being Before you start packing check out these cities that made list of the best and worst cities to retire. WORST  Click to Continue


Stay in a 401(k) or roll to an IRA?

Financial advisors are often asked this question by their clients who are leaving a company or retiring, “should I roll over my 401(k) to an IRA?” Peter Mallouk, president and chief investment officer of Creative Planning Inc., says given the opportunity of staying in a 401(k) or rolling to an IRA, they should roll it  Click to Continue


Top Six Dumb Retirement Mistakes

David Letterman retired from late-night television last week after 33 years and 6,028 shows. That’s a lot of entertainment! If you are familiar with the show, you’re aware that the 68 year old Letterman was well known for his “Top Ten Lists”.  This top six dumb retirement mistakes list is in honor of David Letterman. Thanks for  Click to Continue


Study Reports Social Security’s Sad Shape

That Social security is in lousy shape, not a surprise. That its trust funds will be depleted by 2033, not optimistic. That new studies find that SSA’s forecasts have been consistently overstating the financial health of the program’s funds since 2000, well, that catches my attention. These Harvard and Dartmouth studies reveal that “these biases  Click to Continue


Want to Retire Quicker? Then Hang Out in TSA Security Lines…

There’s a good chance, especially if you carry change in your pockets, that you’re unintentionally leaving a cash tip for the Transportation Security Administration at the airport. Inadvertently leaving your change may not sound like a huge deal until you consider this 2013 report from the TSA. Travelers in their rush to get through security  Click to Continue


Financial Resolutions for 2015

Do you know what the top five New Year’s resolutions are? Lose Weight Volunteer Quit Smoking Get a Better Education Get a Better Job Number six is Save Money. Taking these actions will pay dividends and benefit your financial resolutions for 2015. Get clear goals and budget accordingly. Set specific, measurable and achievable goals and create  Click to Continue