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Sunday is ARMs Day at the Gym

It’s 2006.  Home prices are up 2.4% this quarter over last quarter.  Rates are on the rise, although still low in historical terms.  Homebuyers and “investors” are getting mortgages with ARMs and teaser rates.  It’s assumed that home prices can only head one direction and that’s up.  Okay. I lied.  It’s not 2006; it’s 2013.   Click to Continue


Credit Card Spending

Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill. – Christopher Parker Credit Cards are making you dumb. The mechanics of using a credit card are so easy. Just swipe and sign. That’s it. It’s no surprise that people who have credit cards spend more money. Credit cards  Click to Continue


FED to taper QE, what does this mean for retirees and those approaching retirement?

  Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke just recently announced that they Federal Reserve (FED) will taper its quantitative easing (asset purchasing) stimulus program.  This announcement sent the markets into a tailspin, dropping significantly at the end of last week.  With this announcement, the FED said the reasoning is that their signs that economy is strengthening  Click to Continue