CD Alternatives

annuity think tankThe market continues to hit all time highs, but it still doesn’t sit well with some. People are still looking for the returns the market can bring, but not wanting the risk of losing 10%, 20% or even 50% of their savings. There is always the bank. I mean CD’s may get you a whopping 1%, but after taxes and inflation, not really. Investors are looking for a place that can give flexibility with the ability to make a little return on their investment.


We have seen a large portion of investors repositioning their money into vehicles that can not only give the guarantees of CD’s and the ability to have market like returns, but also be 100% liquid. It is one of the best alternatives to CD’s and money markets. Not only does it give all of the above, but it also gives tax free LTC and death benefits. Talk about leverage.  What is this you ask? It is a Single Premium Indexed Universal Life product. April is a huge month for CD owners to roll back into another low interest rate CD, but you just might want to see if a SPIUL may be a fit for you.

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