Do seniors find technology useful? If so, do advisors?

annuity educationIn a recent article by Daniel Williams, editor-in-Chief of  Senior Market Advisor magazine, Williams asked seniors for their feedback on the usefulness of technology.  One contribution is from Garry in Dallas, who thinks the “old fashioned way” about technology and goes on to say it has no correlation with his relationship with his financial advisor.  Although many advisors believe that the majority of seniors feel this way, that is apparently not so.  The other contributions all highlight the usefulness of social media, finance blogs, and the information available online.  Davis a 70 year old from San Diego said, “I quit doing business with my former advisor because I did not believe he was keeping up with the times. My new financial advisor is plugged in. I did the research on him. I did a background check and even interviewed him and asked for references.”  As the baby-boomers hit retirement age they will be even more inclined to make use of technology to help guide their life choices, specifically retirement planning and locating the ideal retirement income specialist to help with their situation.


Although there are some seniors like Garry out there, more and more seniors are beginning to think like Davis and make use of technology.  As more retirees are using the internet and technology to research and make informed financial decisions, the advisors who have the strong online presence will be ahead of the curve and their competitors when it comes to capturing the online market place.



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