Early Retirement Planning

annuity educationThree areas to focus on if an early retirement is something you are looking for.   This is definitely bucking the trend of thinking that you have to work until you are 75 to retire.


1. Disciplined Saving and Investing

One way you can build up a sizable nest egg is to practice disciplined investing. Consider how much you will need in your investment portfolio to create an income stream that you can live off of.

You will have to consider your age, how long you are likely to live, and the asset allocation you will need to provide reasonable growth, but not leave you over-exposed to the vagaries of the market. A long-term approach can help you.


2. Cultivate Multiple Income Streams


Another idea for early retirement planning is to begin cultivating multiple income streams, rather than relying solely on your ability to build up a massive nest egg to get you to retirement. Instead, make a plan to pay down your debt (including your mortgage) by your early retirement target date.


Try to rid yourself of as many obligations as possible, so that you will have fewer expenses during retirement. Make a plan to pay down this debt while preparing for the future. Figure out how much money you will need each month to support your retirement lifestyle and then begin cultivating different income streams to create that income.


3. Take Mini-Retirements


Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, made the idea of a mini-retirement somewhat popular. If you want to enjoy life now, and aren’t concerned about having a huge chunk of time to try and kill when you are older, you can plan to take mini-retirements, living in a different place for one to six months. You do have to be willing to quit a job — and try to find a new one — in some cases.

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