Got 2013 Business Plan milked or Spooked?

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The discipline in Business Planning which should be well underway by now can be best understood by  Coach Vince Lombardi who made even the toughest of Green Bay Linemen snarl when he said “sit down”. One player said he did not even bother to look for a chair when Coach Lombardi told the team to sit down. Now, is the time to put the dreams of 2013 and beyond on paper and begin doing the dreaded business plan. I am amazed that Financial Planning magazine continues to indicate that less than 50% of of today’s advisers have a formal plan. Maybe, that’s why we have 50,000 fewer advisers than 10 years ago and fewer younger advisers entering the business. I am also perplexed by how few business plans include an assistant or marketing plan.  Each day, we see at Retirement Think Tank, hundreds of $ 5-10 million advisers operating without at least a part timer. Don’t  spend  $150-200 an hour time doing $ 20-25 per hour activities such as putting together kits, confirming appointments,answering phones, etc. Most of these advisers have hit a glass ceiling at a time when theres glut in the job market for ethical assistants with experience to do these activities. We can even help you design an incentive plan to facilitate plan to hire an assistant in 2013. For now, every plan should start with a mission statement or as Horsesmouth calls”Advisers Creed” which I have included here as a testament to the many resources this service, that is approved by most broker-dealers, includes. They also provide, “The Art of Referrals”, “A Guide to Client Appreciation Events”, “The Baby Boomers Guide to Social Security” among others. I would also be happy to include a detailed plan template for a successfull.This is designed by the Cannon Institute. Don’t be like Paul Fussel who said “Thank you but I have other plans” Not planning is a plan in itself and an unprofitable one as well! Retirement Think Tank can also help with an abundance of whitepapers and blogs as a member with Whitepapers, blogs dealing with both the art and science of lifetime annuity and life insurance income planning 

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and business planning ideas galore!

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