Index Annuity Sales hit a Record High in 2012

annuity educationThe numbers are in for fourth quarter 2012 sales of index annuities, and they might not surprise you.  According to LIMRA’s fourth quarter 2012 U.S. Individual Annuities Sales survey, index annuity sales hit a record high of $33.9 billion in 2012.  Does that surprise you?  With interest rates at an all-time low, and the volatility of the markets these last few years, baby boomers are looking for safety, protection, and guarantees.  That’s exactly what an index annuity is!  And with most insurance carriers getting into the guaranteed lifetime income game, baby boomers are faced with the challenge of which index annuity will fit their needs best.  Here at Annuity123, we specialize in matching up advisors and consumers based on geographically location and interest.  Visit us today and we can help get you started.

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