Insurance Carriers Going Digital!

annuity think tankOne of the common trends we have been seeing is more and more insurance carriers going digital.  Just this week, Guardian made an announcement that they have enhanced their AnytimeMobile App, which will allow members to view, email, or even print member identification cards directly from your smartphone.  Columbus Life Insurance Company just recently introduced their 2013 Tax Reference App, which not only has tax calculators for clients, but also has internal links to some of their products for estate and retirement planning.  Pacific Life announced earlier this week that they will now be able to provide electronic annuity applications and contracts for clients. 


The age is here people!  With more and more insurance carriers adopting the digital presence, not adapting to it will leave you in the dust.  Clients are moving hundreds of thousands of dollars to advisors they meet on a website.  Advisors are submitting and issuing policies within hours.  The velocity of money has sped up.  For the advisor, it’s important you are teaming up with the right organization that embraces the digital presence.  For the client, it’s important you are picking the right retirement specialist that fits your needs and can keep up with these digital trends.

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