Layered Retirement Income

annuity educationRetirees have multiple sources for traditional income at retirement.  This article does a great job of reviewing the types of income that you can rely on for income.


Social Security

Pension Income

Dividend Income

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

Annuity Income


However, it takes the extra step many advisors and companies fail to see.  How do you layer or “stack” an income plan to be flexible for future changes.  The author lists a few:



Low/High Interest Rate Environment

Spousal Continuation

Long-Term Medical Care



Many advisors and consumers assume that is they need $2000 per month in retirement income at the point they retire that is all they will need for the rest of their retirement.  Many good advisors and retirement income plans build flexible layers of income.  These layers can be turned on (or off) as life events and economic events change our needs moving forward.  Most often retirees will have increased needs for cost of living because of inflation, medical care costs, and taxation increases.  However, a rising interest rate environment or the passing of a spouse can reduce future income needs.  Having the flexibility to optimize your needs for income, cash, and estate planning is paramount to a good income plan.

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