Living After You Retire

annuity think tankAre you ready to go? Retiring is much more than just money.  The emotional factor of leaving the workforce or a career that you have worked long for can be a hard one to reconcile.  Make sure you have given it some serious thought and be ready to go.


So now what? Just because you are leaving the workforce doesn’t mean you just sit on the couch watching daytime television.  What would you like to do now that you have the time? Sit and think about things you would like to do or places you would like to go. How about getting involved with charitable events or volunteer at local animal shelters or hospitals.  Staying involved and feeling productive is a great way to ease into the new phase of your life. In 2009, more than 63 million Americans volunteered in their communities, putting in almost 8 BILLION hours of service.


It’s just that time. Have you reached that point where you’re just ready to call it day? When you start planning naps and vacations and yard work instead of your normal workload, maybe it’s time to retire.  And it’s perfectly normal. You’ve earned it.

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