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annuity think tankI would think I am not far off saying that the insurance business in general is in the dinosaur age.  I would bet that most agents in this industry would actually agree and admit that they are there too when it comes to the new age of digital marketing.  We know that more and more people every day are going to the web for information. Information on products that they are recommended to buy, searching for ideas, solutions, searching YOUR name to see what pops up on the first page.


Low and behold, If Mr. Warren Buffett hasn’t gone to twitter.  I read the article on USA TODAY, that has Warren Buffetts first tweet on the 2nd of May, as well as what I consider to be a very interesting line about the new age of marketing.


Warren Buffett is 82 years old. He’s worth around $53 billion. He is widely considered one of the most influential and important men alive today.  If this is a way to interact with his investors—thanks to a recent Securities and Exchange Commission’s ruling allowing holding company CEOs to do so—then we’re looking at something really cool: A guy’s who has accomplished everything in life still looking for that extra edge.  Please re-read that last statement.  The guy who accomplished everything in life is still looking for that extra edge.   You want to know how to be more successful?


What a way to start Mr. Buffett.


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