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No, the title of this blog is not a typo.  Many of you might be thinking that because we specialize in annuities, that we might not even know how to spell life insurance.  Well as it turns out, I purposely wrote  “Love Insurance”, because that is what I feel “Life Insurance” should really be called.


To begin, life insurance always seems like a dreary thing to talk about with people.  From having the discussion with your own family members, to prospective clients, or even to personal friends, opening up about dying has always been a tough thing for people.  From a young age we were led to believe that talking about death is not exactly socially acceptable, and let’s face it, we would all rather be focusing on the present living days and how to make the most of them.


A few groups, such as,  have done an exceptional job to shed some positive light to life insurance by revealing tear-jerking stories about how life insurance has literally saved families from financial despair during a tough time.  And here at Retirement Think Tank, we get to hear true stories from both advisors and clients that give us the goosebumps due to how moving they are.  From widowed women who literally would have been out on the street with no other real savings in place, to young adults who never would have been able to attend college after losing both parents, all the way down to infants that were left with no family, life insurance can be life altering for many.


In today’s age of high speed everything, we all seem to be so busy to ever slow down and assess our life insurance needs.  The sad part is that in many cases it takes losing a loved one before people actually seek out their own policies.  Even in my own personal case, it took having my first daughter to really sit down with my wife and have a candid discussion about life insurance needs, and making sure that all of us are taken care of if something ever happened.  So we encourage each of you to take the time to speak with your loved ones about the importance of “Love Insurance”.  It doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be a negative thing to think or talk about.  After you speak to a friend or family member who lost a loved one that had life insurance in place, I am certain that they will tell you they never could have made it through such a tough time in their life without it.


“Love Insurance”


  • Love Insurance is taken out on people that you love
  • Love Insurance is also taken out for the benefit of people that you love
  • Love Insurance protects your loved ones
  • Love Insurance ensures that your loved ones continue to prosper and fulfill their current goals and dreams
  • Love Insurance can help create a legacy for loved ones that you haven’t even met yet.


Join the Life Insurance Movement today!


And a little Life Insurance Joke to end the blog:


“Needing insurance is like needing a parachute. If it isn’t there the first time, chances are you won´t be needing it again.”

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