Retirement Calculators and Social Media Popular Among Younger Retirement Plannners

ATT headAccording to a survey of 6,360 people conducted by American United Life Insurance Company, more than 60% of retirement plan participants under age 40 found online retirement calculators the most helpful in retirement planning, compared to 51% of those 41-50, and 41% over the age of 50.  The under 40 group also found mobile apps to be very useful.  In addition to the online technology and mobile apps, financial blogs and social media are very popular among the younger generation as well. 20-30% of people under the age of 40 utilize blogs and social media to acquire financial advice.


With all these tools available from one’s computer or smartphone, when it comes to the actual planning of retirement, how to invest, or optimizing Social Security, one should seek the help of a professional advisor.  With that being said, advisor’s today who wants to stay ahead in the marketing of their practice should consider implementing a digital marketing platform into their practice to connect with the younger generations who are starting the first stages of retirement planning.


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