RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) Friendly Guaranteed Death Benefit Rider from North American

Annuity Calculator | Indexed AnnuityNorth American has created a Guaranteed Death Benefit Rider that is superior to almost everything else on the market.  This rider is specifically designed for money that is ear-marked for the beneficiaries.  First, I’ll give you the details on the rider and then I’ll tell you the best place to use it.  This rider will guarantee your client a 5% compound guarantee for years 1-10 after which the guarantee will raise to 6% compounded annually until the DB account is double the original premium (plus bonus) or age 85.   The ideal place to use this rider is when a client has qualified money that they don’t want, but are forced to take RMDs out of.  Because this rider is RMD friendly, the RMD will come out dollar for dollar instead of proportionately out of the Death Benefit.  Also, because RMDs are coming out of the product, it will take much longer (if ever) to double the benefit.  This means your client will be guaranteed to make 5% for the first 10 years and then 6% from then on until he/she is 85.  In this interest rate environment, nothing can touch this. Give the ATT team a call to lear more about this opportunity.  Are you a client interested in this benefit, give us a call and we will connect you with an advisor in your area.

Click on the link below to learn more about the rider:

North American Death Benefit Rider


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