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Think Before You Buy

Retirement planning leaves very little, if any, room for error.  Your income will be stagnant for basically the rest of your life (unless you go back to work), and making sure you are taking care of is paramount.  That being said, everyone wants the most amount of income they can get from their savings plans.   Click to Continue


The Right Retirement Mix Includes Annuities

What is the perfect mix of retirement products that would ensure that your clients accumulate enough wealth to pass a legacy on to their heirs while maintaining a comfortable income stream as long as they live?  This is the million-dollar question that every financial advisor aims to answer.  According to Peng Zhou, Ph.D., an actuary  Click to Continue


FAQ’s about Fixed Index Annuities

Many myths exist about fixed index annuities.  The retirement planning and financial services industry is a very competitive one where the overwhelming majority of advisors truly do recommend what they believe is best for their clients.  However, this competitive culture has led to a lot of bad information and inaccurate data, specifically with regards to  Click to Continue


What are Secondary Market Annuities?

Annuities have surged in popularity with seniors and baby boomers recently.  As many companies are eliminating pensions for their employees, many people have turned to annuities as a “build your own pension” for personal savings.  Many annuities offer a unique combination of income for life plus protection from market risk.  Retirees are using this strategy  Click to Continue


7 Blunders of Retirement Planning

USA Today’s Rodney Brooks had a good article on some of the numerous missteps and miscalculations retirees AND advisors face when planning for income needs in retirement years.  Click here for the whole article, but here’s a list of the Top 7 Mistakes:   Are you really going to spend less when you retire? Do  Click to Continue


Consumers Looking For Honesty And Trust In Their Advisor

Based on a recent survey of servicemembers and their families, honesty and trustworthiness are the two most important factors for consumers when choosing a financial advisor.  While I understand that this isn’t necessarily earth-shattering news, it does reinforce that honesty and trust are attributes that every successful advisor must convey.  The survey, which was commissioned  Click to Continue


MetLife Eliminates One-Third Of Its Advisors

In an effort to increase productivity and save on operational costs, New York-based MetLife has cut 2,500 financial advisors from its workforce.  That’s almost one-third of the total amount of MetLife advisors as of 2012.  The company also eliminated 25 agencies, leaving only 60 in the U.S.  MetLife’s variable annuity sales have been down considerably  Click to Continue