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What’s wrong with today’s FMOs?

What happened to the Partnership with the Advisor?  What happened to helping the one man shop out with prospecting or branding?  In the early stages of the FMO, they were true brokers with little or no marketing, maybe a “Sales Idea” video and bag of popcorn.  Over time, the FMO started to develop marketing programs  Click to Continue


How Can I Pay for College

 Those of you who are parents and have clients that are parents eventually come to the topic of paying for college. Whether in a social setting or during the discovery process, it is one the of the highest needs clients are looking to have met.  They can be younger and wanting to grow their money  Click to Continue


Why Webinars

The uses of webinars are endless—how creative can you get? Here are a few categories to consider: Building relationships with your audience. Raising your image as Thought Leader or Expert. Finding Prospects – whether you want to connect with a reader, a customer or a client, you want a continuous flow of interested people –  Click to Continue


Are We At The Bottom?

August 18, 2011 1:58 pm ET A slew of negative news sent shares tumbling earlier today, with the Dow Jones down 525 points in early morning trading. Brokerages have scaled back their forecasts for economic growth and seemingly any negative news about inflation and unemployment now has the potential to send markets into a tail-spin.  Click to Continue


Following Up

Three Types of Follow Ups There are three types of people you should be following up with, suspects (people in your target marketplace), prospects (people who have responded to your marketing but have not purchased, and customers (people who have purchased something from you.) Each follow up message and offer will be different for each  Click to Continue


Sell Anything

1. Ask a good question. You probably want a yes or no answer: “Are you gonna buy my product, yes or no?” But yes or no is short-term and opportunity limiting, because anything but a definite yes will be a showstopper. So ask instead a question like: What are the challenges you are facing? This  Click to Continue


GAO’s Advice?

“The risk that retirees will outlive their assets is a growing challenge,” according to a study from the Government Accountability Office scheduled for release today. Increased life expectancies and health-care costs coupled with declines in financial markets and home equity over the last few years have “intensified” workers’ concerns about how to manage their savings  Click to Continue


Social Media and Today’s Financial Advisor

Tom Groenfeldt is a contributing writer for and recently wrote this piece regarding today’s Financial Advisor and their use of social media.    Keeping up with social media is not easy, says Sarah Carter, vice president of marketing at Actiance, a California communications compliance firm that was known as FaceTime Communications until January.    Click to Continue