The top 10 reasons to worry about retirement

annuity think tankA recent article from U.S. News and World Report discussed 10 reasons that people worry about their retirement.  These reasons, listed below are helpful when designing a retirement plan as key factors for which to be prepared.  According to the article almost 49% of workers in the United States are doubtful of their ability to retire with any real comfort.







Here are the top 10:

  1. Not enough savings
  2. Spending savings prematurely
  3. Rising cost of living
  4. No emergency fund
  5. Too much debt
  6. Unsure of the amount needed to be saved
  7. Unpredictable healthcare expenses
  8. Being unaware of excess costs
  9. False expectations
  10. Unpredicted early retirement


By preparing a retirement portfolio to address the concerns retirees can ensure that they don’t fall victim to these commons issues and instead are prepared and ready for to reach their retirement goals.


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To read the article from U.S News and World Report, click here.

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