What’s wrong with today’s FMOs?

annuity educationWhat happened to the Partnership with the Advisor?  What happened to helping the one man shop out with prospecting or branding?  In the early stages of the FMO, they were true brokers with little or no marketing, maybe a “Sales Idea” video and bag of popcorn.  Over time, the FMO started to develop marketing programs for the Advisor to help him brand his business in their local area and help with prospecting.  There was Mailers, Seminars in a Box, Pre-Set Appointments, etc., and they worked for the most part.  Today this doesn’t work as well.  It’s watered down and usually leaves a minimal response rate.   On top of that you have to weed through the crap to find a diamond, and all for what…waste of time and money.  There is no SILVER BULLET. 


Here’s a clue, consumers do not open their mail regularly.  They do check their email up to the minute.  They do check their Social Media sites often.  The consumer will text more than they call.  Where does the mailer fit in?  It doesn’t.  It goes in the garbage.  Let’s talk Pre-Set Appointments.  Do you really think people want to have a one on one dinner with you for Financial Advice?  Really?  How about Seminars?  This still happens to be effective over time, but it will cost you a pretty penny.  Radio?…same deal, effective but expensive.


So you’re wondering what works?  Well, I’d have to say over the past few years, I’ve seen more consumers go to the internet for research on help with their Retirement.  People want credibility.  They want comparisons, they want testimonials.  They want the right fit.  The internet can provide that.  Here’s the other neat thing about an online presence, it shouldn’t cost you much if any at all.  If you don’t have your business online, it doesn’t exist!


So going back to FMOs, why are they continually providing “fluff” marketing in exchange for your hard work?  Why is it FMOs only call to see if you are working on cases rather than providing ways to help find more clients or market to your current client base?  Why does the “In-House” Advertising Agency refer you to third party vendors, and not get to know your business and customize your marketing themselves?  I guess they don’t have to?  You’re going to send premium to them anyways, right?


The one thing I know is your hard work puts food on the table.  You are the one out in the field day in and day out trying to put more food on the table.  The smartest thing you can do is find out who can truly help you with your marketing your business.

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