Why are your annuity prospecting attempts failing?

annuity think tankMany retirement income experts and annuity producers find themselves asking why their prospecting attempts are failing to generate the results they desire.  Many factors could be causing the failures in prospecting.  The main reason could simply be the delivery of your message.  In order to draw attention to a service or product, you must be able to point to a problem that you know your prospect possesses in order to able to present the solution and close the sale with out sales pitch.

According to Kelly Robertson, experienced sales professional, the main reason why most salespeople don’t receive a return call or email to their contact attempts, is that they have failed to do the proper research and bring an issue the prospect may have to light.  Many times prospects are unaware of their need for your services, so be sure to leave solid messages that can clearly point to a hole in the client’s retirement strategy that you can resolve with the use of safe retirement products like indexed annuities.



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